Run Off the Road

The car came to a screeching halt when something smashed into it in the middle of the highway. They didn’t see it coming and were amazed when they found out what flew toward them.

Risner's totaled car

Courtesy of Pamela Risner

Jean and Pamela Risner and a couple of their friends decided to go to Silver Dollar City near Branson last December 29 to see the festive Christmas lights.  On their way south of Springfield,  they were jolted to a stop as something slammed into their car setting off all four airbags. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they found out it was a 24-foot bass boat which flew into their lane, hit their vehicle and ran them off the road.  Where did this huge boat come from, traveling 60+ mph through the air straight toward them?

BOAT in accident

Courtesy of Pamela Risner

They learned later the truck pulling the boat on the other side of the road was rear-ended. That action catapulted the boat into the air.  If the boat had hit their car an inch higher, it would have come through the windshield and killed them all.

Riesner - wrecked car

Courtesy of Pamela Risner

car on edge of ditch

Jean Risner, who was driving, said, “I didn’t see it coming, it all happened so fast. I knew afterward I had to get the car off the road.”  She couldn’t see anything with the airbag in her face, but somehow, she managed to pull the car to the side of the road. When the ladies got out of the car they found themselves on a deep embankment. Driving a few feet more, the car would have rolled down the side.

boat into car

“We had our guardian angels busy that night and we’re thankful for God’s protection,” said Pam. All four ladies walked away from a totaled 2017 Toyota Corolla with only bruises. They all agree God was watching out for them (and were also thankful for seatbelts and airbags).

God’s miracles are everywhere!

Risner ladies and friends

 Pam Risner, Jean Risner and friends /Courtesy of Pamela Risner

The Risners and their friends live in Springfield, MO.

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