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C.A. Simonson is a freelance writer and author. Her award-winning short stories have appeared in seven anthologies. The Journey Home trilogy, "Love's Journey Home," "Love Looks Back," and "Love's Amazing Grace," are Christian fiction based on true events. She has also published two anthologies, one of short stories and one of devotions and poems. A children's speller/story coloring book was released in April 2017. Copies are available in paperback and digital format on Amazon, KOBO, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble or at Books are now available in audio format on When she is not writing, she is painting, crafting, or fishing.

No Heartbeat for 60 Minutes

He was without oxygen for 60 minutes – doctors thought he was gone, but then his mother prayed… Continue reading

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Pushed Over the Mountain

We had been visiting my sister in Great Falls, Montana. To go back home to South Dakota, we had to travel through the snow-covered Rockies. The day we left, it was snowing and visibility was close to zero. Ice hid … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Creation

Born at 27 weeks, hardly big enough to fit in a man’s hand. Could she survive? Continue reading

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Saved from Flying Bullets

Does God really protect? These college kids would find out when the gun was pointed at them…. Continue reading

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Struck by Lightning-Marked for Life – Pt.2

His pants zipper was melted; the lining of his socks burnt. A question mark burned into the top of his head with the zigzag patterns down each side of his body from head to toe. How was it that he was still alive? -READ PART 2 of STRUCK BY LIGHTNING Continue reading

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100 Million Volts of Lightning: Head to Toe

He dared to pray a very dangerous prayer. Hours later he was struck by lightning and lived to tell the amazing story. Continue reading

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A Ball of Fire Through the House!

There’s nothing more powerful than a bolt of lightning. When it strikes close to you – you never forget it. Continue reading

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