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What Do Your Eyes Say?

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. Warm, glowing eyes speak love. Narrowed eyes can shoot daggers. It is easy to understand the saying, “If looks could kill.” You can easily read people’s feelings through their eyes. … Continue reading

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Your Hands Speak Volumes

My dad used to say you could tell a whole lot about a person by looking at their hands– where they had been, what they did for a living, what kind of person they were. He claimed he could tell … Continue reading

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Braunschweiger, Cheese, and Jelly Sandwich

Daddy unwrapped the Braunschweiger, cheese, and jelly sandwich and smelled it. “My favorite,” he exclaimed, all smiles. He took a big bite, smiled and gave me a hug. I think back and shudder at the horrible meal offered, and yet … Continue reading

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My Father’s Hands

From my father’s hands came love, honor and praise.  A tender pat on my back, a toussle to my hair, a loving hug made me want to please him all the more.  To me this meant security and safety.  When … Continue reading

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