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Kept Alive – Onboard the Spirit…

Worn out from cancer treatment, the man decided to settle into his aisle seat and take a nap during the flight. It almost became his last…until this happened…. Continue reading

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Struck by Lightning-Marked for Life – Pt.2

His pants zipper was melted; the lining of his socks burnt. A question mark burned into the top of his head with the zigzag patterns down each side of his body from head to toe. How was it that he was still alive? -READ PART 2 of STRUCK BY LIGHTNING Continue reading

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Does God Protect?

We’ve all had those unexplainable moments -times when the impossible occurs. The truck began to skid as the driver drove along Highway 59 at high speed on that December day.  He yanked the wheel to pull the truck back onto the … Continue reading

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Miracle or Coincidence?

We heard the rumble of rocks and saw the trees smashing into the river as it boiled towards our home. We went to the upstairs and then crawled onto the roof through a window as the mudslide wiped out everything we … Continue reading

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